Three-row Hand Towel Machine
Product Description:
Three-row hand towel machines emboss the hand towels or wet tissues, cut them with a knife roller and then fold then into “N” shape. The processed products are mainly used in bathrooms, kitchens and offices to wipe hands and can be drawn out continuously when being used. The machine adopts vacuum suction and an automatic counting, dividing and folding device and has the features of rapid speed, accurate paper quantity, etc. 2100/200 high-speed toilet paper machines are applicable to wood pulp, waste paper pulp, and all kinds of high-grade toilet paper, napkin, facial tissue and other body paper with a pulp quantity of 13~20g/m2. The machine is placed in single-storey plants and all are installed on the plant’s ground. It can be divided into left-hand machine and right-hand machine two forms according to the transmission position.

Product Details