the Ancients Paper Fabrication
 “Exploitation of the Works of Nature” records: bamboo is worthless in the South of China as it is widespread in the South. Since Tang Dynasty, the ancients has fabricated paper and taken bamboo as raw material.

The following is the ancients paper fabrication procedure:

1.Distinguishing the gender of bamboo
2.Chopping new female bamboo as material
3.Cutting the bamboo into 5 or 7 feet
4.Baling and Soaking the bamboo
5.Brushing and Washing
6.Chipping off the green skin
7.Cutting up, Stamping, Grinding the fiber
8.Washing, stirring, draining off the pulpiness
9.Swing the pulpiness by bamboo frame
10.Baking the pulpiness

the Ancients Paper Fabrication

 Basing on the ancients paper making crafts and intelligence, we make great improvement on fabrication and accomplish fully automatic paper production. Bamboo paper is brought out.Bamboo paper is inheritance, also development. Development is for supplying more comfortable,ECO friendly product to people on daily life.There are mainly two types: brown and white color.We believe 1 of them will be suitable for you.